Rental Terms and Conditions

1. What are the conditions required to rent one of our vehicles? 

  • A valid driver’s license for the driver.
  • A credit card (Visa or Mastercard) with its numbers “in relief” (no electron) for the rent payment and the warranty.
  • An alternative to credit card payment is a guarantee deposit check of € 2,000.00.

2. How can the rental be paid?

Payment is always done in advance and can be made: by credit card, by check, by ATM card or in cash.

3. Who is allowed to drive our vehicles?

We require the driver:

  • to be at least 21 years of age.
  • to be in possession of a valid, type B driver’s license (the original card, no substitutes or theft reports). issued at least 12 months before.

4. What happens in case of an accident?

If you have an accident with another vehicle, the client must immediately inform our office, in any way no later than 24 hours, sending us the CAI form filled with the other driver(s) involved, or a detailed report complete with a drawn outline of the accident dynamic and the full data of the other driver(s) involved. The client must also inform immediately the police in case any investigation or assessment on a third party is required or in any case somebody is injured as a result of the accident.

In case of accident without fault, the client is fully covered by the insurance. In case of accident where you are in the wrong, you are still completely covered by our insurance for damages caused except for the “excess damages” and “excess RCA” rates which will be charged to the client.

The RCA excess rate cannot be eliminated and the excess amounts to €260 plus VAT, considered as partial reimbursement of the insurance peius Nappo Rent will incur in. The excess damage rate, instead, varies depending on the type of Superkasko Nappo Rent chosen.

5. What happens in case of nalfunction of the vehicle?

In case of malfunction of the vehicle, the client must immediately notify our office and indicate the place where the vehicle is located and, if possible, the type of malfunction you incurred in.

The staff at our office will give you all the instructions you need to solve your problem as quickly as as possible. If the malfunction happens during the night, you can call the toll-free assistance number (which is printed on the card attached to the travel documents), which will arrange for the problem to be solved.

6. What must be done in case of theft of the vehicle?

In case of theft of the vehicle, the client must immediately file a felony complaint at the police station closest to you and notify our office as quickly as possible. You must then return to our office and leave the keys of the vehicle with the police report in duplicate. The client will be charged the theft insurance excess.

Failure to give back the car keys will entail that the client will be charged the whole commercial value of the car.

7. Can the excess rates be cancelled in any way?

No, excess rates cannot be cancelled.

8. What happens in case the client incurs in a fine?

In case of violation of the Highway Code, Nappo Rent will forward the fine received to the customer company you belong to, In case the client incurs in a fine, Nappo Rent will forward the fine to the issuing authority, attaching the rental agreement and the documents of the person renting the vehicle (contract holder).

Furthermore, the client will be charged the costs of managing the report, amounting to € 35.00 plus VAT, for each fine.

9. In what conditions do we deliver the vehicle?

Nappo Rent provide the client with the vehicle specified in the contract, in good state of repair and cleanliness.

Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the vehicle will have a full tank of fuel and it will be equipped with all the usual tools (warning triangle, spare wheel, etc.), and with all the documents necessary to its circulation.

10. How must you return the vehicle? 

The client must communicate the return date and time before signing the contract. Any variation to what has been agreed upon must be communicated in advance and approved by Nappo Rent.

A rental day is considered 24 hours long with a tolerance of a (maximum) 60 minutes delay.

11. What do the rates applied include? 

Our rates include:

  • the rental period;
  • the kilometers travelled with the vehicle, according to the table available in our office;
  • insurance reduction
  • the tow service in case of malfunction only on national territory;
  • the vehicle’s maintenance.

12. What do the rates applied not include?

Our rates do not include:

  • fuel and cost for failure to supply fuel;
  • VAT at 22% of the price;
  • fines and managing costs of said fines;
  • tollgates;
  • parking rates;
  • delivery and returns;
  • everything not expressly included in “our rates include”.

13. Where are our vehicles allowed to circulate?

Our vehicles are allowed to circulate exclusively in Italy. Circulation abroad is subject to written authorization by Nappo Rent.

General Rental Terms and Conditions valid and available in our office